Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ugly Dresses to Gag About

Bridesmaid dresses are hideous very often, and this site shows the worst of the worst.
You know, I have a folder on my desktop called ashionFay for all of my images. And it's completely full from all of these images. I was practically rolling on the floor when I saw some of these!

After some searching, I decided to put on the most hideously horrible. One girl, in wrapping paper, another in turquoise tinfoil, and one.... well, I don't know. Check it out.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Makes Me Mad

There was a discussion over this on the forum. What things do users on Polyvore do that annoy you?

For me, it's a ton of things. 1. When sets are on the popular page and are really not that good. Like this one:

Three items? She barely put any effort into it at all! And this was on the popular page for over 24 hours!

2.When people comment on sets saying, "Nice! Comment on my sets!" But, as Bombshell Baby said when asked about this subject, We're all guilty aren't we? Doing this is a classic rookie mistake, so avoid it.

3. When people say things that they know will start a scene. Jade, from the forums, particularly made me more angry about the situation. "I haven't done anything yet. Why? Probably because I am one of the older (18 and up) users on Polyvore, so most of us have done the high school drama and know what's appropriate and what's not." I thought she was just being me-grownup-you-kid when I realized that all those haters and irritating people are young. Take Cherry911, Jessieee, etc. It's not fair, because now all the older users think that kids are ruinng Polyvore. And some of them kind of are.

4. ABERZOMBIES (term coined by CityGirl). Those people who don't put anything but Abercrombie or Hollister in their all of their sets. Girls, save your unoriginality for your friends who all dress like you, because we want creativity on our site. I mean, I've done some all-Abercrombie sets, but not All-Abercrombie in all sets. Show your creativity and do, say, an evening gown piece from Oli. That would be interesting.

5. This is really on the OCD side. When someone posts a comment saying "Cute shoes." I mean, they're trying to be nice, but it feels like only the shoes are cute, not the outfit. I'll tolerate "Those shoes with that outfit make an amazing set."
Maybe I'm asking for too much...

So in conclusion... In: originality, hard work Out: Aberzombies, drama, careless comments.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The Oscar Dresses

The Oscars were last night, and a movie I absolutely hated, No Country for Old Men, won. All the other nominees were works of geniuses! Atonement, based off of a brilliant tradgedy romance, Juno, a heartwarming story with a fresh new face, and There Will Be Blood, which was amazing with Daniel Day Lewis. But noo, the gorey, violent movie where I probably would smile excactly once during got the award. Man.

More important then the winner (damn, damn, damn) was what the stars were wearing. This year they decided to match the carpet, which I noticed even before it was all over the internet that EVERYONE WORE RED. Miley Cyrus, Anne Hathaway, and this "Katherine Heigl" (who bore a strong resemblence to Marilyn Monroe). Hillary Swank wore an awful off-the shoulder black gown that looks a lot better when you cross your eyes and look at it from far away, and Cameron Diaz whent pink. Amy Adams was clad in a cute little gown that attracted about 0 attention, and Ellen Page looked impishly beautiful in simple black at a well-made up face.

Speaking of attracting 0 attention, Renee Zellweger (she who squints), stood out in a sparkly silver dress and some hideous heels. Other than the shoes, the dress was nice but a tad over-the-top.

Keri Russell also went over-the-top with that ridiculous necklace of hers. Next time, rein in the silver a bit. Those photographers don't wanna end up blind. Heidi Klum also went for big jewelry, with her very RED dress giveaway that the media clung to like flies. I'm actually relieved someone went to attract attention the right way, no matter how wacky a collar or big a skirt she had, since everyone else went either sparkly or safe. It was actually kind of pretty.

Nicole Kidman. Wow. What was up with that necklace? I made fun of Keri, but Nicole... what the heck? It might have looked better over a satin dress or possibly strapless (yeah, strapless), but it was still an overall wacky outfit.

Then there was Tilda Swinton (above), who went for a pale face to compliment her bright red hair and wore a giant velvet cloth over her body instead of a dress. Who is this woman, anyway, wearing that? Uggg. Good thing she's talented and entertaining, or she would have to hear from me for the rest of the week.

But Jennifer Garner was only second to Heidi with her black-dress glamour. I love the dress went with that skirt part, it really made the top seem less boring. A kiss to Jenny.

In: Juno, Red, Heidi Klum. Out: Tilda Swinton, Big Necklaces, No Country For Old Men.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Polyvore Trends: The Good and the Bad

Today, I'm not going to talk about the hippie trends of Spring or my favorite shoes. I'm going to talk about the most amazing runway of all-Polyvore. 
Uh-oh. We're going back to the dark ages, when art ruled over fashion. When 2PAC4EVAA always defeated the efforts of MyChanel and Shilpa. Now, almost half the popular page is made of this and this and this.
I know that Polyvorians have a right to creative expression, but we went through a nice period where the whole popular page was clothes. And BTW, don't try to pass off a set like this for an outfit. When the picture and the decorations are what your eyes are drawn to the decorations and a picture and you can't even see the dress when you see the set on the popular page, it's an artistic set.
There's been a trend going around for a while on Polyvore: romantic vintage.
With Love by Suzanne4

Something old & something new by pLaY

and Amber Gems by CityGirl

I'm totally digging this soft, romantic trend. It's so beautiful and precious, but you can also add an edge to it, like Suzanne4 did. You can also use normally very out-of-date dresses, like with pLaY's set, and make them seem like rocking fashion statements. No wonder this trend lasted so long, and I'm furious to state that it's dying out. 
So, Polyvorians, don't let these wonderful sets be just a fad. Keep the soft side of Polyvore going, and make some vintage sets.
Jadesayshollabeeyatch, or Jade as she likes to be called, has been putting a non-competitive game on Polyvore called a scavenger hunt.
With all that competition going around on polyvore, it's started to become pretty boring. Only people who win and hold tons of contests can get recognized, and some of the contests are starting to get kind of boring. I don't know how many times that I've entered a contest where the rules include "You have to include at least # things from A&F," or "All clothing has to be from Abercrombie." I'll give you three, right off the bat: one, two, three
Here's a new rule: "All contests are the same. Think up something new if you're trying to make people be creative." And BTW, some people think the person who makes an original, interesting, and sophisticated set are usually not "trendy" enough and they give the award to the person who makes the set that resembles all the other sets.
Scavenger hunts don't even have winners. They're just inspirations for really good sets. In Jade's hunt, at least, she gives guidelines for every item, like "find some shoes in black, brown or white under $70," and adds other little creative tasks like "Post up a quote about style or fashion."
I made one a little while ago. It amazingly fun! I loved to obediently follow the directions, but still add my own style to the outfit. And the end product was really cool:
I don't know where Jade got the idea, or maybe she just thought it up herself, but I applaud her for it, and she did it really well. 

I've decided to sum up each post with an In/Out list. Here goes:
In: Scavenger hunts, romantic vintage. Out: Contests, especially Abercrombie Contests, collages.
*Kisses from an angel!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Footwear Fiesta

A good welcome to the exactly zero people who commented at my blog. You're very kind.
Now let's discuss shoes, one of my favorite things.
On the Polyvore forums we had a discussion about some red Miu Miu pointy flats with a wooden heel and a slingback (a slightly similar shoe above). I HATE SLINGBACKS. On my fifth birthday, I was traumatized by wearing a shoe a size too small and the slingback digging into my ankle all day.
But did that happen to you? No, probably not, so slingbacks aren't actually unfashionable. Wear them as you please. But I'm begging you: DON'T WEAR POINTY FLATS. 
If you guys have seen my "Six Things I Hate In Fashion" set, you'll know that I don't like very pointy shoes. They make your foot look bigger and they remind me of witches. But when they have a nice sexy heel, they're tolerable.
On flats, it's what I call the "worst of both worlds." You have the point without the sexiness. Flats are made for slightly rounded toes, not ridiculous pointed ones. Flats are made to looks soft, sweet, and able for walking. The pointed toe makes it look like.... Orlando Bloom with a beard and gut. Totally takes away the magic.
Punk shoes are a new trend? According to this iVillage, yes. Studs and black leather on a shoe? Maya likey! Punk is one of the most awesome style when you go subtle with it, and shoes are the best way to do that. Visit that iVillage page, girls. Those oKenneth Coles on it are smokin'. 
Apparently, metallic shoes have made a comeback big-time. Who cares, really? I don't wear anything that could go with metallic shoes most of the time, so go on with your space-age trend. I'm completely apathetic about it.
  Spring shoe trends not only brought us Star Wars and the Clash. It also gave the stylish ladies out there something fun, flirty, and cute: wedges. Check out these Steve Maddens online. I'm saving up for them!
The trick with wedges is to keep the heel on the lower side. No use looking stripper-ish, and be careful if it has a platform. That's pushing it, usually.
Wedges are the most easy to walk in of all shoes, not including flats, and they're the most sturdy. So if you're a high-heeled girl who wants to give her feet a slight break, grab the wedges. They're your best choice.
Bohemian shoes are also "in." Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Shoes are supposed to remain always the most classic and high-end, not the most "hippy." Leave the bohemian shoes to the real, artistic bohemians, and always remember that weaved shoes also count.
So remember: wedges, ballet flats, and punk: yes. Stripper, bohemian, pointy flats: no. Metallic shoes: when you think it's okay. Being insulted by this: no. 

Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring Trends: My First Post

Hello, it's avid Polyvore user Maya, or LAgirl as I'm known on my favorite site. My profile here.
As a way to introduce my new blog, ashionFay for Polyvore users and fashion-lovers, I'm going to talk about those things above this post. They annoy me beyond belief. Wide-leg jeans look pretty, I guess, on the more slender, like me, but imagine for the average size. I know what you're going to say- skinny jeans look ugly on plus-size girls, but I've seen that before. They don't as much as they do with wide-leg jeans, which is when they look what my mom likes to call "frumpy." In skinny jeans, at least they look like they're trying.
A well-known tip for those fashionable girls who aren't models: don't do anything to make you look like your size have you giving up. Go with flare, but stay away from jeans that resemble sixties bell-bottoms.
On the subject of denim, light blue jeans are in for Spring. This is one of the many Spring trends I don't like. It looks very grunge and way too I-don't-care but not in a cool way, in a way that looks like you don't even care about what you wear. Just because the light season sprinkles also brought along a few ugly trends, I'm not going to trade my red minidress and dark blue skinny jeans in for a floral print dress and wide leg denim. 
Yep. I don't like floral dresses. Sue me. I know Jade and everyone else likes it, but it's a bit too sixties for me. But not in a bohemian way, in a way that's lacking in class or sophistication. 
WOW! I am controversial!