Friday, February 22, 2008

Spring Trends: My First Post

Hello, it's avid Polyvore user Maya, or LAgirl as I'm known on my favorite site. My profile here.
As a way to introduce my new blog, ashionFay for Polyvore users and fashion-lovers, I'm going to talk about those things above this post. They annoy me beyond belief. Wide-leg jeans look pretty, I guess, on the more slender, like me, but imagine for the average size. I know what you're going to say- skinny jeans look ugly on plus-size girls, but I've seen that before. They don't as much as they do with wide-leg jeans, which is when they look what my mom likes to call "frumpy." In skinny jeans, at least they look like they're trying.
A well-known tip for those fashionable girls who aren't models: don't do anything to make you look like your size have you giving up. Go with flare, but stay away from jeans that resemble sixties bell-bottoms.
On the subject of denim, light blue jeans are in for Spring. This is one of the many Spring trends I don't like. It looks very grunge and way too I-don't-care but not in a cool way, in a way that looks like you don't even care about what you wear. Just because the light season sprinkles also brought along a few ugly trends, I'm not going to trade my red minidress and dark blue skinny jeans in for a floral print dress and wide leg denim. 
Yep. I don't like floral dresses. Sue me. I know Jade and everyone else likes it, but it's a bit too sixties for me. But not in a bohemian way, in a way that's lacking in class or sophistication. 
WOW! I am controversial!

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HeyBigTrender♥ said...

hey LA girl! i must say this a great beggining of ur new blog...i see ur off to a good start!

no floral dresses??! lol