Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Makes Me Mad

There was a discussion over this on the forum. What things do users on Polyvore do that annoy you?

For me, it's a ton of things. 1. When sets are on the popular page and are really not that good. Like this one:

Three items? She barely put any effort into it at all! And this was on the popular page for over 24 hours!

2.When people comment on sets saying, "Nice! Comment on my sets!" But, as Bombshell Baby said when asked about this subject, We're all guilty aren't we? Doing this is a classic rookie mistake, so avoid it.

3. When people say things that they know will start a scene. Jade, from the forums, particularly made me more angry about the situation. "I haven't done anything yet. Why? Probably because I am one of the older (18 and up) users on Polyvore, so most of us have done the high school drama and know what's appropriate and what's not." I thought she was just being me-grownup-you-kid when I realized that all those haters and irritating people are young. Take Cherry911, Jessieee, etc. It's not fair, because now all the older users think that kids are ruinng Polyvore. And some of them kind of are.

4. ABERZOMBIES (term coined by CityGirl). Those people who don't put anything but Abercrombie or Hollister in their all of their sets. Girls, save your unoriginality for your friends who all dress like you, because we want creativity on our site. I mean, I've done some all-Abercrombie sets, but not All-Abercrombie in all sets. Show your creativity and do, say, an evening gown piece from Oli. That would be interesting.

5. This is really on the OCD side. When someone posts a comment saying "Cute shoes." I mean, they're trying to be nice, but it feels like only the shoes are cute, not the outfit. I'll tolerate "Those shoes with that outfit make an amazing set."
Maybe I'm asking for too much...

So in conclusion... In: originality, hard work Out: Aberzombies, drama, careless comments.


Lovable_Me said...

I really hate when people use one-two items in their sets, but they still become popular.I mean, half of the set was made for them, with the background and all! I really popular sets should be based on hard work, creativty, etc.. NOT by the number of favorites and comments. I really like CityGirl's idea of the "Reccommend [spelling is right?] this!" button.

~*FABULOUS*~ said...

Yeah, a recommend this set button would be really great. As well as an "official" button for real celebrities.

I loved this post! And I definitely agree with everything here. Especially the Aberzombies. Haha.

~*FABULOUS*~ said...

Look at like, THE most popular set right now:

Yes, the idea is really cool (I wrote "great concept"), but it's still not a very good set....what do you think?

Maya said...

Tha's soo cool, CityGirl, I was thinking the same thing. It's a good idea, but less than half of the paint is shoes and kind of disappointing once you open it and realize it wasn't that wonderful. I had been going back and forth between favoriting it.