Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Debates on Polyvore

This has got to be the funniest set on Polyvore. Made by Tinkerbell101, it rudely demeans the worst president since.... well, I'm pretty much guessing that he's the close to being the worst president. I mean, considering that he has all the qualites: stupidity, incompetence, apathy, violence, dishonesty, lack of the ability to speak, think, or properly function with his little Vampire Vice Prez whispering in his ear. And although I think he's more of an elf than a girl (Hey, we elected a vampire and an elf. This country must love fantasy genre characters), I really think that this is really, really funny. 
But others don't. Some comments on this set:

that is not cool also mean :/
this isnt funny it is disrespectful
Kinda mean
we all have opinions and polyvore isn't the place to share them!
I don't think it's very funny
making fun of people doesn't really fly too well on polyvore.
why would you do this?? this is disrepecting our counrty!! ya'll should give him credit, because he became president to help US!!! how would you like it if this were your picture instead of george bush's???
how rude and disrespectful you should be ashsamed of yourself
not funny
And the pièce de résistance:
These people don't realize how entertaining it is to make these kinds of sets.  Just chill, be mature, it's pointless to insult people you disagree with if you have no proof beyond personal opinion that they were wrong. 

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New Colors

New layout, I really like the combination of these colors, shapes, gradients, etc. So I'm sticking with this.

The One Shoe that Deserves to be Burned

Since I've been a little busy lately, with testing season coming up, I've decided to start doing my blogs on a loose once-a-week. Got it? Should I say that more slowly? Oh, you understood? Speak up!
Crocs have lost their popularity after there short one-year fad, but some people still insist on shoving these disgusting rubber-like gardening shoes. They look cute on, like, six year olds but totherwise, come on! Examples:

(Although the last one I think was intended to be ugly, but still, it has Crocs so I used it. Too bad.)
The sad thing is some of these sets could be really good if not for those hideous crocs. They make you feet look really wide and squat, and not even pretty girls can pull these off. Of course, some of those who are a little slow on trends, the ones who were wearing last seasons shoes when these were popular, have now taken to shoving these clogs onto there out-of-style feat. To me, Crocs were not actually that comfy. They aren't soft like the ultimate comfy-chic item, Uggs, or simple like the classic flip-flop. I mean, who would want something so unflattering and out of style? 
And worst of all, some people, because of their chunkiness, are comparing them to UGGS! I am a fan of Uggs, there's a girl wearing Uggs in my icon for goodness sakes, but just because they're also a fad doesn't mean they are going to be nearly as short-lived as these hideous  shoes. Crocs were a totally three-month thing, no where near Uggs, which are like the definition of in-style but still kind of timeless. Crocs are like the High School Musical of footwear: cheesy, stupid, makes a bad statement, and are totally out.
In: Uggs, being trendy, Out: Crocs, missing trends
And a special gift from the best cat comedy site ever, ROFLCATS:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Sets: A Narcisisstic Chat About Myself

This'll be a short post. I realize I haven't been posting for a week, but, hey, I've got some things to do. I'll do my "AshionFay's Favorite" later.

I'm currently working on my Color Sets Line, in which each outfit contain's only one or two basic colors and black jeans. I've done six so far.
A Sip of Champagne: For HeatherThomas's Birthday Party

Bright Red Plastic

Black and Off-the-Shoulder
Pink Is Not Girly

What I Should Have Worn for St. Patrick's Day
I'm Made for Grey Skies

I'm hoping to do at least a dozen, if I can think of that many shades/colors/metallics. But hey, I've already done 6 sets with only 2 of them colors directly from the rainbow.
It's totally fun to make! Most normal people wouldn't wear all of one color, but on a set it looks great and the black jeans I always use make sure that it's not too matchy-matchy. Try it some time.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

CityGirl: AshionFay's Favorite

Oops! A day late. Someone hasn't been doing their blog!

Yesterday I featured CityGirl as one of the users who I can define their style. But she's also one of my favorites.
With wicked chifsila taste and an eye for vintage, she's both chic and classic in her sets and outfits.

This is one of my favorites of hers.

Her most popular

And I'm loving this one because I have something similar!
Overall, CityGirl is unique and a wonderful addition to both the forums and the community. She's one of the longest users of the site and one of her sets occasionally shows up on the front page of Polyvore to greet new users.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Punk, Lace, or Vintage

There are three sets that I really think describe me:

It all depends on my mood. I could be in an edgy hour, and I'd wear an England Rocks T-shirt with a bag that resembles a telephone (amazing bag, buy it). I could be feeling like I just want to relax and wear a beige cardigan with white flats. But overall, it has to have some romance to it. I won't walk outside with an outfit that's not the extreme: extremely soft, like my Successful People set, extremely punky, like Get Out of My Face, or extremely European, like My Personal Style

If you haven't noticed yet, I also like skinny jeans.

My fellow forum members are people who I like to analyze. CityGirl's style, I noticed, isn't very uniform in color, but it always has a very soft, gentle feel to it. Example:

Edgy just isn't her thing.
Jadesayshollabeeyatch, other than her signature layout, is recognizable by how can create a lot with a little. Jade can come up with the prettiest, funkiest, or practical stuff you can think of. She doesn't have a particular area of style that she likes, so I can relate to her, and she doesn't limit herself.

Overall, only those who wear nothing but Abercrombie can stay away from their personal trends. You can find someone on the site, whoever they are, look through there sets, and tell me excactly what their style is. No one is completely versatile. C'mon, admit it.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

AshionFay's Favorite

There's one girl on Polyvore that I will feature each Saturday. This one girl (or guy) has style, edge, originality, and a perspective of life that people can relate to. This girl sees fashion and style everywhere. Who is it this week?

This is one of her more simple, but still, in my opinion, her most chic.

This one is really awesome! I love how complicated and realisic it is, but still both artistic AND fashionable.

This set has a schoolgirl vibe that you love to tears.
Pheobe Juliet seems to work so hard on those sets, they're so wonderful and complex. She's one of the few that truly deserves her popularity.