Saturday, February 23, 2008

Footwear Fiesta

A good welcome to the exactly zero people who commented at my blog. You're very kind.
Now let's discuss shoes, one of my favorite things.
On the Polyvore forums we had a discussion about some red Miu Miu pointy flats with a wooden heel and a slingback (a slightly similar shoe above). I HATE SLINGBACKS. On my fifth birthday, I was traumatized by wearing a shoe a size too small and the slingback digging into my ankle all day.
But did that happen to you? No, probably not, so slingbacks aren't actually unfashionable. Wear them as you please. But I'm begging you: DON'T WEAR POINTY FLATS. 
If you guys have seen my "Six Things I Hate In Fashion" set, you'll know that I don't like very pointy shoes. They make your foot look bigger and they remind me of witches. But when they have a nice sexy heel, they're tolerable.
On flats, it's what I call the "worst of both worlds." You have the point without the sexiness. Flats are made for slightly rounded toes, not ridiculous pointed ones. Flats are made to looks soft, sweet, and able for walking. The pointed toe makes it look like.... Orlando Bloom with a beard and gut. Totally takes away the magic.
Punk shoes are a new trend? According to this iVillage, yes. Studs and black leather on a shoe? Maya likey! Punk is one of the most awesome style when you go subtle with it, and shoes are the best way to do that. Visit that iVillage page, girls. Those oKenneth Coles on it are smokin'. 
Apparently, metallic shoes have made a comeback big-time. Who cares, really? I don't wear anything that could go with metallic shoes most of the time, so go on with your space-age trend. I'm completely apathetic about it.
  Spring shoe trends not only brought us Star Wars and the Clash. It also gave the stylish ladies out there something fun, flirty, and cute: wedges. Check out these Steve Maddens online. I'm saving up for them!
The trick with wedges is to keep the heel on the lower side. No use looking stripper-ish, and be careful if it has a platform. That's pushing it, usually.
Wedges are the most easy to walk in of all shoes, not including flats, and they're the most sturdy. So if you're a high-heeled girl who wants to give her feet a slight break, grab the wedges. They're your best choice.
Bohemian shoes are also "in." Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew. Shoes are supposed to remain always the most classic and high-end, not the most "hippy." Leave the bohemian shoes to the real, artistic bohemians, and always remember that weaved shoes also count.
So remember: wedges, ballet flats, and punk: yes. Stripper, bohemian, pointy flats: no. Metallic shoes: when you think it's okay. Being insulted by this: no. 


HeyBigTrender♥ said...

lol. this shoes issue is a touchy one for me. i too hate pointy shoes, but mainly b/c i have wide feet! i think that a blend b/w rounded and slightly pointed is okay though.

~*FABULOUS*~ said...

I agree with HBT.

And Steve Madden is my new hero! TODAY, I just bought some black patent Steve Madden ballet flats. The style was MY NAME. And MY NAME is spelled very strangely. According to, NO people in the U.S. have it. So now....I love that designer.