Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Punk, Lace, or Vintage

There are three sets that I really think describe me:

It all depends on my mood. I could be in an edgy hour, and I'd wear an England Rocks T-shirt with a bag that resembles a telephone (amazing bag, buy it). I could be feeling like I just want to relax and wear a beige cardigan with white flats. But overall, it has to have some romance to it. I won't walk outside with an outfit that's not the extreme: extremely soft, like my Successful People set, extremely punky, like Get Out of My Face, or extremely European, like My Personal Style

If you haven't noticed yet, I also like skinny jeans.

My fellow forum members are people who I like to analyze. CityGirl's style, I noticed, isn't very uniform in color, but it always has a very soft, gentle feel to it. Example:

Edgy just isn't her thing.
Jadesayshollabeeyatch, other than her signature layout, is recognizable by how can create a lot with a little. Jade can come up with the prettiest, funkiest, or practical stuff you can think of. She doesn't have a particular area of style that she likes, so I can relate to her, and she doesn't limit herself.

Overall, only those who wear nothing but Abercrombie can stay away from their personal trends. You can find someone on the site, whoever they are, look through there sets, and tell me excactly what their style is. No one is completely versatile. C'mon, admit it.

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