Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Debates on Polyvore

This has got to be the funniest set on Polyvore. Made by Tinkerbell101, it rudely demeans the worst president since.... well, I'm pretty much guessing that he's the close to being the worst president. I mean, considering that he has all the qualites: stupidity, incompetence, apathy, violence, dishonesty, lack of the ability to speak, think, or properly function with his little Vampire Vice Prez whispering in his ear. And although I think he's more of an elf than a girl (Hey, we elected a vampire and an elf. This country must love fantasy genre characters), I really think that this is really, really funny. 
But others don't. Some comments on this set:

that is not cool also mean :/
this isnt funny it is disrespectful
Kinda mean
we all have opinions and polyvore isn't the place to share them!
I don't think it's very funny
making fun of people doesn't really fly too well on polyvore.
why would you do this?? this is disrepecting our counrty!! ya'll should give him credit, because he became president to help US!!! how would you like it if this were your picture instead of george bush's???
how rude and disrespectful you should be ashsamed of yourself
not funny
And the pièce de résistance:
These people don't realize how entertaining it is to make these kinds of sets.  Just chill, be mature, it's pointless to insult people you disagree with if you have no proof beyond personal opinion that they were wrong. 


freskababy said...

Haha, "I'm calling the police on you!!" Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hey you may want to feature my set

emily said...

Um...I fail to see how saying you don't like the set is insulting. If a person can say that they don't like a set that has clothing they don't like, why can't they say if they are offended by a political set? I am not the hugest fan of President Bush, but I don't like people slamming him. If these people feel like they want to express my feelings, there is no shame in that.

Anonymous said...

It says a lot that the people who replied negatively to the picture could not form a proper sentence. These are the people who support the president!