Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The One Shoe that Deserves to be Burned

Since I've been a little busy lately, with testing season coming up, I've decided to start doing my blogs on a loose once-a-week. Got it? Should I say that more slowly? Oh, you understood? Speak up!
Crocs have lost their popularity after there short one-year fad, but some people still insist on shoving these disgusting rubber-like gardening shoes. They look cute on, like, six year olds but totherwise, come on! Examples:

(Although the last one I think was intended to be ugly, but still, it has Crocs so I used it. Too bad.)
The sad thing is some of these sets could be really good if not for those hideous crocs. They make you feet look really wide and squat, and not even pretty girls can pull these off. Of course, some of those who are a little slow on trends, the ones who were wearing last seasons shoes when these were popular, have now taken to shoving these clogs onto there out-of-style feat. To me, Crocs were not actually that comfy. They aren't soft like the ultimate comfy-chic item, Uggs, or simple like the classic flip-flop. I mean, who would want something so unflattering and out of style? 
And worst of all, some people, because of their chunkiness, are comparing them to UGGS! I am a fan of Uggs, there's a girl wearing Uggs in my icon for goodness sakes, but just because they're also a fad doesn't mean they are going to be nearly as short-lived as these hideous  shoes. Crocs were a totally three-month thing, no where near Uggs, which are like the definition of in-style but still kind of timeless. Crocs are like the High School Musical of footwear: cheesy, stupid, makes a bad statement, and are totally out.
In: Uggs, being trendy, Out: Crocs, missing trends
And a special gift from the best cat comedy site ever, ROFLCATS:


Anonymous said...

There are some cute Croc styles though- there are some that look like ballet flats. While I think that particular style you're featuring (with the holes and strap) are incredibly ugly, I happen to own a pair of brown Crocs that are made like ballet flats. I've gotten many compliments on them!
So, I guess my point is that not the whole line of Crocs should be burned!

Maya said...

Yeah, but those don't look like the most common type of Crocs. They're kind of a shoe of there own. The style I'm talking about, and a few other styles, are the ones that deserve to burn.

freskababy said...

Hah! I"m sorry but, I think every croc deserves to be burned! Unless the one shes talking about doesn't have the holes in it. That's what bugs me.

Lovable_Me said...

Yes.Yes. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crocs are THE MOST hideous shoes EVER, and they must go to hell! I just hate the ones with the back strap and holes on the front, like the ones featured here. Especially in NEON! Ugh.

Margherita. said...

Crocs disturb me. I don't care how comfortable they are, get them away!

PS: I definately believe people should not compare them to uggs.

Anonymous said...

heyy.saw your blog from polyvore. by the way, my link: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/profile?id=165879 . so i went to the polyvore forum, and saw your link for polyvore, then saw your blog, and saw this post, and decided you're so right. like.. seriously, crocs sucks big time. its fuglyy. and, my name is enyun. :D