Sunday, March 9, 2008

CityGirl: AshionFay's Favorite

Oops! A day late. Someone hasn't been doing their blog!

Yesterday I featured CityGirl as one of the users who I can define their style. But she's also one of my favorites.
With wicked chifsila taste and an eye for vintage, she's both chic and classic in her sets and outfits.

This is one of my favorites of hers.

Her most popular

And I'm loving this one because I have something similar!
Overall, CityGirl is unique and a wonderful addition to both the forums and the community. She's one of the longest users of the site and one of her sets occasionally shows up on the front page of Polyvore to greet new users.


~*FABULOUS*~ said...

Thank you!! =] I had no idea that people liked my sets so much. Unfortunately, I find I have little time to create new ones :)

Lovable_Me said...

I love CG's sets - so old-time glam. She has a style all her own.